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PA State House Legislative Resolution - Cool Community PRINTER'S NO. 3378 THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF PENNSYLVANIA


No. 338 Session of 1996

          APRIL 9, 1996
                                 A RESOLUTION
    1  Proclaiming April 15, 1996, as "Green Neighborhood Development
    2     Day," as established by the Carrick Works Planning Forum,
    3     Carrick 2000 Task Force and Conservation Consultants, Inc.
    4     WHEREAS, All of the major community groups in Carrick,
    5  including the Carrick Community Council, the Carrick Business
    6  Association, the Carrick Athletic Association, the Carrick Block
    7  Watch and the Carrick Friends of the Library, have formed the
    8  Carrick Works Planning Forum to help formulate neighborhood
    9  policy with one voice; and
   10     WHEREAS, The first project of the Carrick Works Planning
   11  Forum was to establish the Carrick 2000 Task Force to commence
   12  development of a neighborhood plan to set priorities and goals
   13  as the community approaches the new century; and
   14     WHEREAS, On April 15, 1996, the Carrick 2000 Task Force, led
   15  by committed citizens of Carrick and facilitated by Pat Murphy
   16  of Cornerstones for Development, will present the Carrick 2000
   17  Community Plan to the Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh and the
   18  Honorable Eugene Ricciardi, the Honorable Joseph Cusick, the
    1  Honorable Michael M. Dawida and the Honorable Harry A. Readshaw
    2  as resident priorities for Carrick; and
    3     WHEREAS, The residents of Carrick are committed to working on
    4  goals of neighborhood beautification, business expansion,
    5  establishing a community center, expanding youth programs,
    6  keeping seniors and residents safe and ensuring that children
    7  receive a quality education close to home; and
    8     WHEREAS, All of the groups' organization and commitment to
    9  working together has been recognized by Conservation
   10  Consultants, Inc., a nonprofit environmental education and
   11  service organization, with the awarding of Carrick as the first
   12  Green Neighborhood in Pittsburgh; and
   13     WHEREAS, The Carrick Green Neighborhood Project will involve
   14  the entire community in the application of sustainable
   15  principles to preserve natural resources for future generations;
   16  and
   17     WHEREAS, Sustainable development aligns environmental
   18  concerns with economic initiatives, revitalizing the community
   19  by cutting residential and commercial energy costs; and
   20     WHEREAS, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, the Howard Heinz
   21  Endowment and Pennsylvania American Water Company have committed
   22  both human and financial resources for energy conservation,
   23  weatherization and green building techniques in residential and
   24  commercial buildings; and
   25     WHEREAS, Two hundred homes will receive free energy surveys,
   26  and 100 of those homes will receive free weatherization through
   27  utility-sponsored programs; and
   28     WHEREAS, With savings from lower utility bills estimated to
   29  average 26% on natural gas, 25% on electric and 15% on water,
   30  residents of Carrick will have more disposable income to drive
   19960H0338R3378                  - 2 -
    1  their local economy; and
    2     WHEREAS, With lower operating costs, businesses can
    3  capitalize on economic benefits and increased productivity
    4  associated with improved interior air quality and sustainable
    5  office settings in general; and
    6     WHEREAS, The holistic community design process will allow
    7  Carrick to serve as a model to be replicated by other
    8  neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and across the country; and
    9     WHEREAS, Conservation Consultants, Inc., will track and
   10  publish the results of the projects, including economic,
   11  environmental and social benefits; therefore be it
   12     RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives proclaim April
   13  15, 1996, as "Green Neighborhood Development Day" as established
   14  by the Carrick Works Planning Forum, Carrick 2000 Task Force and
   15  Conservation Consultants, Inc.

   D4L82JS/19960H0338R3378          - 3 -