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Carrick High School was built during the period of Carrick Borough and its first graduating class was in 1926. But before Carrick became a borough, it was Baldwin Township. Before it decided it needed a high school of its own, Carrick High School was housed in the old Concord Presbyterian Church which was built in 1884. In 1915 the new church was built and the older Concord Church burned down in 1924. In between then the high school children of Carrick most likely went to Union High School in Knoxville Borough, which at that time, was exclusive and properous. In between 1915 and 1926 there is a time when the Concord Church Carrick High School became no more and the 1926 date of the first graduation in the new, now existing, high school.

This is a photo from the 1926 Carrick High School Yearbook

In the photograph: Theodore Auel - captain, Joe Barranti, Harry Cottrell, Charles Emery, Wilson Feick, William Kobza, Jack Schricker, Killian Steinmyer (or Steinmeyer), Harry Whitehead, Zajdzinski, Thomas Jones. The names of the rest of the players are unknown.

Carrick High School 1926 Baseball Team.jpg

Here is a recent reunion notice for the 1948 Class:

Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2008

Here’s who’s coming to our Classes of 1948 60th Reunion so far:

Walt & Hope Mervosh Bielich

Jack & Ruth Kirchner O’Brien Paul & Jean Harrison

Vivian Delligatti Scotti

Chuck & Joanne O’Hanlon Marwood

Rose Marie Funk Knott

Dave & Erleen Dye Boehmer

Chuck Allebrand

Don Cummings

Vince & Mary Lou Venturella

Carl & Dolores Nelson

Ernie & Maureen Dieter

Alice Weiss McKrimmon

Larry & Donna Bickar

Nobert (Dave0 Kraemer

Vaughn & Ellie Irwin

Gil & Joanne Rose

Carol Phillips Lintelman

Ralph & Mary Jane Gault

Marie Decker Noar

Dorothy Lewis Lattner

Mary Lanz Baumgart

Tom Goodrum

Jim & Audrey Meredith Keagle

Bill & Dorothy Schwarm Powelson

Bob & Irma Ryan

If you’re not on our list we need you to be. Still time to make your reservations. The date of the Reunion is Friday, August 8th at the Pittsburgh Athletic Club (PAA) located on Fifth Avenue in Oakland across the street from the Cathedral of Learning. Phone or e-mail Chuck Marwood today – 412-881-8620 or See you at our reunion!

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