Partial List of War Memorials

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Known War Monuments in the general area that are either close by to point of origin and/or match the time period are as follows:

Phillips Park Monument (1923) , Spokane Street , Carrick (wrong time period , but close to origin point)

Warrington Monument ( Allentown ) WWI and WWII at Warrington and Estella Streets

World War II Memorial (1947) at St. George Church at 225 Allen Avenue

World War II Monument in Beechview on Broadway Avenue

World War II Monument at Mt. Oliver Firehall— 120 Brownsville Road

World War II Honor Roll , Rt. 51 at Maytide

Brookline Monument and Cannon at Chelton and Brookline Blvd.

WWI West End Park , Wallbridge Street and Herschel Street (I don’t think this one fits the bill , but may be worth seeing)