Phillips Park

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Named after John M. Phillips for the many donated trees and swimming pool. Also known as Dilly’s (after the family name Dilla who once owned the land) Grove, Southern Park and Carrick Park was originally a Trolley Traction Park with vaudeville acts, roller coasters, merry go rounds and other attractions. Dilly’s Grove was part of the Coffey Estate bought in 1904 for $29,000.

Before the park was named for John M. Phillips it was called Carrick Park. Here is a letter to John M. Phillips requesting a meeting be held in 1914.

1914 Park Letter.jpg

This photo might be also at a club on Provost Road.

Boxing Carrick Park 1900s.jpg

This is the listing of the events in 1917 at the park on a particular day in August, 1917.

1917 park description rs.jpg

== Boy Scouts in Carrick Park. Photos are from the 1914 dedication booklet.

Boy Scouts in Carrick Park 1914.jpg

Boy Scouts in Carrick Park building trail 1914.jpg

The Shelter House in 1970

Carrick Shelter House 1970s-resized.jpg