St. Adalbert

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Predominently Polish Catholic. The parent church to this cemetery is St. Adalbert Church, South 15th Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203 in the South Side of the city of Pittsburgh. The cemetery is located next to South Side Cemetery. The church and cemetery are named after St. Wojciech (Adalbert in Polish) St. Wojciech. Cemetery address in Carrick is St. Adalbert Cemetery. 1512 Brownsville Road. Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA 15210.

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The church on the South Side was established in 1883 and is still a parish. Heinz History Center Link

St. Adalbert Cemetary then.jpg

St. adalberts gate by Sandman.jpg

Photo by Sandman

St. Adalbert's street marker by Sandman.jpg

Photo by Sandman

St. Adalberts gate by Jim Ferko.jpg

Photo by Jim Ferko

St. Adalbert Cemetery entrance.

Unfortunatly this gate was removed about 2006.

And another disturbing note is there are no burial records before the 1960s. The caretaker, who was fired, took all the records with her and either destroyed them or kept them. She has since died and the records are gone.

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St. adalbert cemetery then 1.jpg

This cemetery is administered by: Prince of Peace Cemeteries, 81 South 13th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1253, (412) 381-2039‎

St. adalbert cemetery map.jpg

Cemetery Map - Compliments of Patricia Lang,