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This is a work in progress regarding Carrick's Trolley Era.

Carrick Trolley's.jpg

Carrick Trolley tickets.jpg

Carrick Trolley-1.jpg

Carrick Trolley 1890s.jpg

1818 Brownsville Road. Trolley Photo is from 1927. The hardware store is now a bank and the house next to the hardware store is said to be the Agnew House.

Carrick Trolley 1818 Brownsville 1927.jpg

Carrick Double-ended streetcar on what appears to be 18th Street Road.

Carrick trolley-1.jpg

Carrick streetcar at St. George's, now St. John Vianney, cemetery bend on Brownsville Road in 1970. Maybe the last time this streetcar was used in Carrick. Street sign is visible but can be read.

Carrick trolley 1970.jpg

53 Carrick streetcar at Brownsville Road and Arlington Avenue

53 carrick at Arlington.jpg

This is an article as written for publication by Carrick Historian Nick Markowitz.

Carrick Trolley Era.jpg

This is the actual article as it appeared in The South Hills Record, February 15, 1977.

Trolley Era in Carrick resized publication.jpg

This site diagram shown below is currently occupied by the Shopping Center bounded by Wynoka, Brownsville and Amanda and ncludes Foodland, Citizens Bank and several convenience stores.

Carrick barn layout diagram.jpg

These photos can also be seen at Lennix Gulf Station

Lennox street car.jpg

Carrick Car Barn at Lennox Gas.jpg

Copperfield and Brownsville Road in front of Concord Presbyterian Church

53 Carrick Trolley.jpg

Waiting at the Brentwood Loop for return trip to Carrick

Trolley 53 carrick.jpg

At the South Hills Junction

Trolley at Junction.jpg

At the "Fleet" Gas Station at Clifton Avenue

Trolley at Clifton.jpg

At the McKinnley overpass at Bausman Street

Trolley at Mckinely.jpg

At the Overbrook line over Route 51

Trolley at Overbrook.jpg

Streetcar at Parkfield Avenue at Carrick Shopping Center

Trolley at parkfield 1.jpg

Streetcar at Concord School

Trolley at Concord.jpg

Streetcar at The Boulevard and Readshaw Funeral Home

Trolley at the boulevard.jpg

Streetcars ready to go at the South Hills Junction, or could this be the Carrick Trolley Barn

Trolley at junction barn.jpg

The following two photos courtesy of Raymond Lattner

Can you identify any crew member in this photo taken between 1917 and 1924?

Carrick Crew Members rz.jpg

Inside the Carrick Carbarn

Old Carrick suburbanch rz.jpg

For trolley enthusiasts here is another link to our neighbors in Brookline who have put together a great site for more trolley information - Trolley History.

Video on Youtube of a trolley at the Brentwood Turn around. The Iron and Glass Bank was a Boron Gas Station.

Click here for the video