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  • If you are new to the Carrick Overbrook History web site and wish to be a contributor, as a courtesy please contact We would like to meet with you to discuss our web site and instruct you on how to contribute photos, files or information.
  • As with most works in progress and Wikipedias, this is an ongoing project of the Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society. Know a fact, enter it. Expand what is listed.
  • Please note that all contributions to Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then don't submit it here.
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  • We will show anyone who wants to learn how to scan, size, and input material into the wiki. We can show you what we know. Kevin Barsotti, our web designer, has shown us how to download the sizer for making scanned photos correct sizes. We are using Irfanview Software which is free to download at click here for link to download. The more people we have inputing the better the site becomes .

Looking for current properties

  • Allegheny County residents can find current properties on this link to Allegheny County Real Estate by clicking here

Pittsburgh Celebrates 250 years of History

Listen and view our history here with a Happy Birthday Pittsburgh song by Mike Stout

And for a comprehensive view of the history of the Pittsburgh region buy, or at least borrow, this book and learn what you missed in high school and college history classes.

The Point of Pittsburgh by Dr. Charles McCollester

About the new Carrick Mural on Brownsville Road.

The north facing wall of Vern Gillenburger’s building will soon display the Carrick Mural provided by the Sprout fund. While art is in the eye of the viewer, this project was a result of many hours of discussions with the Sprout fund and with artist, Phil Seth. Our past links us to Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland, but we are not all Irish and neither are we “Native American Indians” who lived here ,years ago. We are a melting pot of all nationalities and races, we are all "Americans." We are joined with our neighboring community of Overbrook because of our "jigsaw" puzzle boundaries and because we are so alike.

As the current residents, we realize that we are the caretakers of Carrick and Overbrook. We are currently trying to improve our lives and our communities with clean ups, trees, tree trimming, new trash cans and possibly, more murals. Please feel free to join us in these efforts, when your time allows.

Many facets for the Carrick Mural were suggested and considered. We are hoping that this mural provides a pleasant view of Carrick to those who drive through. For those who live here and walk by it; there are smaller details to discover, to enjoy and ponder. Those of us, who attended those meetings, hope that this new mural depicts Carrick’s family values and Carrick’s hometown feeling.

Joe Krynock July 4, 2008

For more information regarding genealogy:

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