Carrick Borough Building

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This is a photo of the Carrick Borough Building as it looked in 1910. Notice the Carrick Hotel in foreground. Currently Caruso's Music Store is next to the borough building.

Carrick Borough Building-resized.jpg

According to the photo this is the Carrick Borough Building in 1914 but if the above photo was taken in 1910, the buildings that are to the left were already there. It is a good chance the first photo was taken when the building was erected in 1905. Note the left side of the photo at the hillsides in the distance.

First photo 1905, Second photo 2009

Carrick Borough Building-1914.jpg Carrick Borough Building-1904.jpg

Carrick Boro Bld 2009.jpg Carrick Borough Bldg inside 2nd floor 2010.jpg