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Charles Horne in 1945 opened Carrick Brazing and Welding at 221 Madeline Avenue. He moved to the current location of 401 Nobles Lane in 1946.

Ed horne 1resized.jpg

This is a photo of Charles Horne and his "Shop on Wheels" on Nobles Lane. The truck is a converted Schneider's Dairy truck to suit his needs. At that time he serviced all of Schneider's Dairy trucks and repairs to them.

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The photo of Charles Horne's business at 221 Madeline Avenue displays the telephone number of TUxedo 1-5143 which is still the number of South Hills Automotive of 412-881-5143. At the time TUxedo was used in parts of Carrick and Brentwood.

The current location on Nobles Lane was once Mr. Noble's saw mill used to mill for the coal mine in 1850-1870. Then the location was a manufacturer of wagon wheels from 1900-1930. During the 1920's it was also a warehouse for the local speakeasies. In the 1940s it became a manufacturer of a special kind of files used in World War II, and then a location where the owner made cloth awnings.

A Mr. Lux owned it back then and he sold the building to Mr. Charles Horne who sold it to Edward A. Horne in 1980 who expanded it to repairs on air conditioning. His son, Edward D. Horne, currently owns and operates it under the name of South Hills Automotive