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Cornfest, Calendars and Postcards, Oh My!

Whew! The 2012 historic and annual Cornfest is over and the hard work of the Cornfest Committee paid off. Historically the Cornfests, began in the early 80s, were held in August on Thursdays from 4 pm to 8 pm in Phillips Park. They were moved to Saturdays from noon to 8 pm and to the football field in the early 90s to take advantage of the lighting. The last Cornfest on the field was held in 2008 and was cancelled in 2009. The 2010 Community Cornfest was returned to our Phillips Park setting among the shady trees and expanded to include our neighbors Overbrook and Bon Air or "COB." In 2011 and 2012, the Cornfest included only Carrick and Overbrook, but still the turn out was great. Although the weather was in the high 80s, our trees provided shade and breezes and most vendors liked being outdoors for the whole day. The food, the participants and the entertainment was great. From surveys of the participants they can't wait until next year. Thank you to all our participants and attendees who made the whole day a wonderful outdoor festival which will be repeated in the years to come.

As part of the advertising for the Cornfest in 2010 you may have seen and taken home the historical postcards inviting you to our event. They apparently did their job as intended since people remembered the invitations and attendance was fantastic. While distributing the historical themed cards many people wanted to purchase them and were surprised to learn they were free invitations. Because of that demand The Carrick Overbrook Historical Society has produced 17 different historic and collectible postcards for sale at 50 cents each. In addition we have also a collectible 2013 Carrick Overbrook Calendar depicting 13 historic scenes from both our neighborhoods at a low price of $8.50. Both the postcards and calendars can be purchased at the Carrick Carnegie Library. Proceeds fund our production of framed photos that you can see at the library, website fees, community historical events, and future historical markers and cards of both neighborhoods. With the purchase of the calendar you become a member in our historical society which brings added benefits. With your COHS membership card, you and 3 others can enter the Sen. John Heinz History Center and over 125 other centers. We are sure you will enjoy our monthly historic photos and send our postcards and calendars to your friends around the nation. The calendars make great gifts by the way!

In the future we hope to have more family historical events like our successful Observatory Tour held in honor of our beloved Harriet Duff Phillips and Dr. John Brashear that was attended and enjoyed by over 35 residents, the maximum allowed on the tour.

2010 Community Cornfest Poster

The Cornfest is an annual event in Carrick, here is our 2010 poster.

Cornfest Poster2 resized.jpg

Cornfest returned to Carrick in August 2010

The Community Cornfest was a huge success in Carrick’s Phillips Park on Saturday, Aug. 21 from noon to 8 p.m.

The name "Community Cornfest" was chosen this year because the neighborhoods of Carrick, Overbrook and Bon Air, "COB," have joined to make this one of the best late summer festivals in the southern neighborhoods. Started in the late 1970s, the Cornfest has been a late summer tradition celebrating local communities, schools and institutions.

The Community Cornfest was held mostly within the park’s facilities and in the great park under the trees and over 50 groups and organizations attended including the Carrick Library, faith based institutions, school organizations, senior citizen groups, city organizations and many more. Topping the list of attractions is the Carrick Library Appraisal Fair which appraised family jewels and keepsakes. Proceeds will benefit the Carrick Library.

The Cornfest committee accepted any and all nonprofit groups and individuals to this event.

Eight full hours of entertainment gave all participants something different for each hour beginning with the traditional opening ceremonies by the award winning Pittsburgh Carrick High School Band at noon. The Cornfest Committee said, "You’ll want to come for the great food and interesting crafts, but you’ll want to stay all day just for the entertainment" and they weren't wrong.

The PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM COMMISSION together with the Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society would like to thank all who participated, donated time and money, and attended our dedication.

We cordially invite you to review the ceremony for the John M. Phillips Marker Dedication of the Pennsylvania State Historical Marker for Former Carrick Resident John M. Phillips that was held on October 31st, 2009 at 1 pm. ==

John M. Phillips lived in Carrick all his life. He was a conservationist, industrialist and engineer and he was among the first to introduce Boy Scouting in Pennsylvania. His home, located at this site, was a distribution point for thousands of tree seedlings and bird houses to the children in our neighborhood. He also was the creator of the State Game Lands which was a model for the nation. He was instrumental in the preservation of Phillips Park, named after him, and in the formation of Carrick as a Borough. Phillips Elementary School, on the South Side, is named after him and his wife Harriet Duff Phillips.


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