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The GBU, or German Beneficial Union, originally began in Carrick with a great hall and building located at 2500 Brownsville Road and built in 1912. The building is currently an apartment building with 32 units.

GBU cornerstone rz.jpg GBU cornerstone 1912 rz.jpg GBU 2500 Brownsville Road.jpg

We begin this section with the current official website and their current status.

GBU Offical Web Site


GBU Financial Life (GBU) was founded as an ethnic German fraternal organization on April 13, 1892, by German immigrants who settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally named the Deutscher Unterstuetzungs-Bund or German Beneficial Union, the purpose of the society was to provide financial security, fraternalism and social activities to its members.

Today, GBU has evolved into a fraternal benefit society that accepts members from all ethnic backgrounds, while providing a wide variety of life insurance plans, annuities and fraternal benefits to its members.

GBU continues to promote activities and events that encourage community involvement with charitable, patriotic, recreational and social activities designed for the entire family.

GBU Building Rezoned for apartments

Article from South Hills Record December, 30, 1975

GBU Rezoned.jpg

The GBU building was also used by various groups for meetings and other ceremonies

Photo courtesy of Bernard Scarlatelli. Mr. Scarlatelli's grandfather is in this photo.

Photo is a Flag Dedication La Castell Del Guidica, May 1, 1926

Rz 700 Flag Dedication Mt Oliver May 1st.jpg

Photo courtesy of Bernard Scarlatelli.

Photo is of a "Party in Honor of Mrs. D. Carapellucci, July 25, 1925, Arranged by N. Scarlatelli."

Rz carapellucci honor group.jpg

Photo courtesy of Bernard Scarlatelli.

Photo is of a "Surprise Party in Honor of D. Carpellucci, October 6, 1923."

Rz 1923 group.jpg