Harry Englert House

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Harry Englert Home on Hornaday Road

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Harry Englert Home Hornaday Road.jpg

Many of us living north of the Monongahela aren't fully aware that Pittsburgh's southern neighborhoods contain their fair share of the city's fascinating old houses. Harry Englert, who owned a battery factory on the South Side, had this house built on Hornaday Road in Carrick in 1921-22. The house shows some influence of the Tudor Revival style in its half-timbering, massive chimney, and asymmetrical form. Its construction adhered to deed stipulations that required a 25 foot setback from the street, masonry or masonry veneer exterior, and a minimum $5000 construction cost.

Harry Englert grew up in Baldwin Township and the South Side, and managed his father's liquor store at 27th and Carson streets for several years before Prohibition began in 1920. After repeal in 1933 he owned a South Side beer distributorship and was later a salesman and superintendent at the Duquesne Brewery. He and his family lived in the house until 1939.