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Paul Fallert submitted these two photos as well as the Carrick Post Office photo.

Paul writes: "I grew up in Carrick behind the Carrick High School. My dad, two uncles and grandfather were photographers. My grandfather (also Paul) owned a tintype gallery on the boardwalk that ran between Brownsville Rd and The Great Southern Park,later called Carrick Park now Phillips Park. He also owned a Photography Studio on the South Side, having started it there on 12th Street in 1872 and later removed it to 14th Street. Many pictures bear the imprint of Fallert Studios. My uncle Harry owned a Fallert Studio above the Pos tOffice in Mt. Oliver (the triangle shaped building at the main intersection of Brownsville Road, Bausman Street and Amanda Avenue."

"My paternal grandparents owned a house near there that at one time faced Brownsville Road at the corner with Laughlin Avenue, but which now faces North on Laughlin Avenue(first house). That house was moved back 18 ft. and turned onto Laughlin Avenue to make room for one of the earliest gas stations (Atlantic gas?), now a small used car lot. Moving houses was in vogue at that time (1920?), most of them by Eichleay, but this particular house was moved by Kress & Oravetz (see the sign posted on the house during the move).

Brownsville Road at Laughlin House moving 2.jpg

Photo courtesy of Paul Fallert

Brownsville Raod at Nobles Lane house moving 2.jpg

Photo courtesy of Paul Fallert