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Impton is the name of the home of Carrick's most famous and illustrious citizens, John M. Phillips and his wife Harriet Duff Phillips.

Phillips properties impton.JPG

The above photo is from the collection of Robert F. Phillips courtesy of Robert F. Phillips

The photo below is from the collection of Joyce Chalfant. This is the famous "Crows Nest" bedroom of John M. Phillips.

John Phillips the crows nest.jpg

Several of the following photos are courtesy of the good people at St. Pius X Church built on the site of Impton. According to unconfirmed stories Impton was donated to the church.

Impton best resized.jpg

Impton winter.jpg

Impton 5.jpg

Impton 6.jpg

Impton 7.jpg

Impton winter with description.jpg

Impton with nuns.jpg

Impton side view during construction.jpg

John M. Phillips Mansion Impton article.jpg

Impton Rear.jpg Photo courtesy of Julia Tomasic

Impton 4.jpg

Impton 2.jpg

Impton 3.jpg

All that remains of the Impton mansion is part of the original wall on both sides of the driveways and a few stones forming the wall infront of the church.

John m phillips impton 2008.jpg