Kraft, Richard

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By Richard Kraft

My father Karl O. Kraft, Sr., was born on May 3, 1902 at 1607 Brownsville Road where his father, Otto H. Kraft had a barbershop. The family lived in the rear of the shop in rented rooms. The building is now owned by Carl Colteryahn Dairy, Inc.

My dad’s family members were Herman (Harvey), sisters Alice (Howard); Lillian (Fricke); and Emma (High). My grandmother was named Matilda.

The family later moved to East Meyers Street

I was born in 1932 in a rented house on Transvers Street. I was baptized at St. Basil’s Catholic Church. A Mrs. Mosbaugh stood as my Godmother. I never met her.

We then moved to Westmont Street and then to 35 Minooka Street. While living there, our neighbors were Gus Laucher; Bill & Cleo Simminger; the Green family; and the Elkers. My best playmates were Billy Heidecamp Jimmy Succop and Sonny Rall.

I attended the Quentin Roosevelt School in the first grade. My teachers were Fred Schmdt; Miss. Reed, Miss Rose and the principal was Miss Sharpe.

We moved to Hazelwood in 1939.

I married my wife Pat in 1963. She was born in Mt. Oliver. Her father was August W. Frisch. His parents August and Marie lived on Spring Street. Members of his family were sister Alma, brothers Wilbert and Robert. Living with them also were cousins Anna Mae Huber (Kramer); Dorothy Jean Huber (McCoy) and Kenneth Huber.