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The following article appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on December 18, 2008 and mistakenly refers to the location in Brookline. For the full article click on the link.

Larry's Road House link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Munch goes to Larry's Road House

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

And, of course, Munch as a rule is intrigued by a place that is said to be a haunted former brothel, a place that used to be a boarding home pit stop along the Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad, and a place where a local judge is said to have hanged himself.

Larry's Road House, in the Brookline (Correction - Overbrook) section of Pittsburgh, is a treasure of an old building, a three-story Victorian mansion built in the 1850s and aging relatively gracefully, if not avoiding the process altogether, what with its fading wallpaper, creaky floors, cracking tile work and cobwebby corners.

Well, that's your Bagged Bon Vivant in a nutshell -- creaky, cracking and cobwebby, so there's no reason we shouldn't like this place. The entire bottom floor has been converted into a series of cozy dining rooms, but the bar is where Munch bellied up, hoping that the food didn't disappoint.