Melissa Rosenfeld

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For more information see Carrick's 2010 Paint Out - in an effort to improve the image of Brownsville Road artists are painting panels attach to storefront windows, and Art project spruces up Carrick

Melissa Rosefeld 2.jpg

Artists who spruced up Carrick's vacant storefronts include, from left, Steve Hutter of Knoxville, Tommy Mason of Washington, Pa., Lynsey Kern of Allison Park, Melissa Rosenfeld of Carrick, Gail Matus of Carrick, Kathryn Carr of Bethel Park and Mary Grace Nichol of Crafton.

2010 Carrick Paint out.jpg

That’s Melissa, almost invisible in shadow crouched in the front row beside Steve Hutter, director of the Elder-Ado Senior Center, whose non-profit status she is piggy-backing on to fund the project. Her daughter Malia is at the far left beside Joyce Wasser then Tommy Mason, Lynsey Kern, and Detective Alphonso Sloan. Gail Matus is in the middle with the baby.