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This is a collection of photos that were included in a Powerpoint show sent to me. I have no reference to where these photos came from to provide further information. These photos are not of Carrick or Overbrook miners but give a representation of how life was in the coal mines in the USA.

Mine photo work.jpg

Mine photo 12 – 13 year old boys.jpg

Mine photo 3 young horse and hinny drivers in Virginia – 1908.jpg

Mine photo blacksmith.jpg

Mine photo Cutting machine with loader in Virginia – Septembe 1908.jpg

Mine photo Drillings in Virginia – October 1908.jpg

Mine photo Hinny drivers in the BROW mine in Virginia – September 1908.jpg

Mine photo Mine in BARNESVILLE Va 1908.jpg

Mine photo Young greaser in the DORA JEFFERSON mine in Alabama – 1910.jpg

Mine photo Coal sieving Pennsylvania – 1911.jpg

Mine photo young trapper.jpg

Mine photo Ratcatcher.jpg

Mine photo messtin.jpg

Mine photo aeration gate.jpg

Mine photo horse driver.jpg

Mine photo horse and locomotive.jpg

Mine photo coal collector.jpg

Mine photo young pa miners.jpg

Mine photo pusher.jpg

Mine photo greaser 14 years old.jpg

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