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Page's is located at the intersection of Beck's Run Road and E. Carson Street.

Google Map of Page's Location

Page's Gas Station and Dairy Store has been a fixture on the South Side for over a century. This intersection is on one of the gateway roads to Carrick.

Beck's Run Road at East Carson Street before Page's

Becks Run at Carson before pages rz.jpg

Page's Service during flood possibly 1927

Page's flood 1927.jpg

Page's Service Station - Sunoco.jpg

Charles Page Auguste 1929

Page's Charles Aug. 1929.jpg

Page's Summer 1931

Page's summer 1931.jpg

Page's gas filling.jpg

Page's gas pump.jpg

Page's gas pump summer 1931.jpg

Emma Page 1931

Page emma summer 1931.jpg

Page's 1930 - note denatured alcohol for anti-freeze

Pages 1930 3.jpg

Pages 1930 2.jpg

Pages 1930 1.jpg

Pages 1930.jpg

Charles Page April 28, 1931 10 years old

Page charles 10 years old August 28, 1931.jpg

Page's young man and father.jpg

Gas Pump 1931

Page's gas pump 1931.jpg

Page's family.jpg

Page's old cars.jpg Page's old cars 2.jpg

Page's family dog 1935

Page's family dog 1935.jpg

Page's Service Station - Sunoco 2.jpg

March 18, 1936 Flood photos, before and during the flooding of the Monongehela River

Page's Service Station - Sunoco 3.jpg

Page's Service Station - Sunoco 4.jpg

Page's 1.jpg

William Page and Chales Page (great grandfather and grandfather -taken Summer of 1936

Page William (greatgrandfather) and Charles (grandfather) Page.jpg

Nightime July, 1939, 11 PM

Page's gulf night shot.jpg

Page's gulf night shot 2.jpg

August 1940

Page's august 1940.jpg

Page's August 1940 2.jpg

Record Snow Dec. 11, 1944. Note Beck's Run School in background

Page's snow fall 1944.jpg

Summer 1948 and Vet's Farm Market

Pag'e summer 1948.jpg Page's summer 1948 2.jpg

Great photos of Page's Gulf Station

Page's service station gulf photos.jpg

Note the belt coin changer - $1.49 purchase maybe?

Page's gas filling 3.jpg

Page's Value Farm Market and Gas Station 1949

Page's farm market.jpg

Page's 1958

Page's 1958.jpg

Page's at Beck's Run note kerosene smudge pot on Beck's Run Road

Page's note smudge pot.jpg

Page's Gulf Station Gas Pumps

Page's Gulf pumps.jpg

Page's gulf pumps 2.jpg

Page's gulf pumps 3.jpg

Page's gas filling 4.jpg

Page's Full Service Gulf

Page's full service 1952.jpg

Page's Dairy Mart was blown up by a gas line leak

Page's ice cream blows up.jpg