Provost Properties

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This is from the Phillips Properties as written by Robert R. Phillips

The Provost Properties

When William Provost came to the United States in 1838 he settled on a farm on Brownsville Road near where it crosses Peters Creek. The location is not furthered identified. He went back to get his family from England and after returning acquired property in the Fairview area along Saw Mill Creek (Route 88 at Fairhaven) where he engaged in farming. Subsequently he purchased the William Wilson mill on Saw-Mill Run (Route 88 at Fairhaven). When it was destroyed by fire, he bought Pollock's mill. The Fairhaven property in 1905 is shown below:

On the map below there is a flour mill on Saw Mill run next to the Fairhaven Post Office which may have been the one Watson Provost bought. One of the Streets in the Fairhaven Terrace Plan is named Phillips Avenue probably for James Phillips, his son-in-law. Further to the south is the Zion Cemetery where James and Ann (Provost) Phillips are buried along with other family members.

Phillips properties fairhaven.JPG

Provost Property on Saw Mill Run at Fairhaven