Quel Brothers

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Quel brothers resized.jpg

Photo submitted by THE Pfc. Franklin Quel above. Mr. Quel said that all the brothers made it back safely and at a higher rank as well. Dated 1/5/12

The left side of the scan submitted has been cut off so this will be as close as can be determined:

"Mrs. George Quel (Mary Collins Quel ed. note), who lives at 2214 Almont Street, is very proud of her five sons in service. She has chosen the Sun-Telegraph "Our Boys Honor Roll" as a mean of expressing her devotion to her sons in the Army. Tomorrow the five pictures will be published, side by side, and will carry to the boys the greetings of their mother. Willard is a lieutenant; Jack a Sergeant and Walter, Franklin and Raymond are privates first class."

Pfc. Walter Quel - Army

Pfc. Franklin Quel - Army Air Corps

Pfc. Raymond Quel - Military Police

Sgt. Jack M. Quel - Army Air Corps

Lt. Willard Quel - Infantry

Charles Quel - Army Air Corps Served May 17, 1943 to December 25, 1945 South Pacific

Quel Charles.jpg

Note: A sixth brother Charles R. Quel also served in the Army Air Corps from March 17, 1943 to December 25, 1945, South Pacific

Mrs. George Quel.jpg

Mrs. George Quel (Mary Collins Quel ed. note), posing next to the "Missing WWII Memorial".

Made from wood, it was said to be at Crailo Avenue and Brownsville Road for a period of time but then moved to Phillips Park. After that the trail goes cold.