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This photo is currently Edgebrook Avenue. Seen in the distance is Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad Bridge.

Overbrook Reflectorville-resized.jpg

Reflectorville P & C.S. Railroad Bridge on Edgebrook Avenue near Saw Mill Run Boulevard (State Route 51)

Reflectorville bridge Edgebrook and Rt. 51.jpg

Submission from Mr. Donald Mack

The four story house just beyond the bridge was home to the Walters family, I believe. I lived just beyond and uphill to the right on Abstract Ave. from 1934 until 1959. I walked that double track bridge hundreds of times (much to the dismay of my mother) to Oak School, a small four room school located on Ballenger Street that is now an apartment building. Miss Price and Miss Workman were my teachers at Oak School.

I also attended St Norbert’s school classrooms located above the church, then attended what I knew as Central Jr. along Saw Mill Run Blvd., then Carrick High School. I have always been curious as to the name Reflectorville associated with that area of Edgebrook and Saw Mill Run Blvd. Could there have been a facility that manufactured reflectors for mine and railroad lamps located there during the coal mining days? No one seems to know.