Scarletelli Family

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These photos of the Scarletelli family were donated by Bernie Scarletelli. These are very interesting because not only do they provide the family for a record of the Carrick family, but also sometimes the background is a record of our Carrick history.

Titled Parent's wedding, Aunt Dolly

Rz 700 Mom & Dad Wedding Aunt Dolly.jpg

Titled Paul and Angela Rosa's Wedding, Mom and Dad in Picture

Rz Paul & Angela Rosa's Wedding Mom & Dad In Picture.jpg

Mom and Dad Wedding June 5, 1919, one in Sepia, one not

Rz Mom & Dad Wedding June 5th 1919 Sepia.jpg Rz Mom & Dad Wedding June 5th 1919.jpg

Titled Dad's friend from Philadelphia

Rz Dad's friend from Phila.jpg

Dad by Car on Belplain Avenue

Rz Dad By Car.jpg

Titled Mom and Delores on Belplain Avenue

Rz Mom & Dolores Belplain St.jpg

Tiled Mary Ann Heller, photo taken on Belplain Avenue

Rz Mary Ann Heller.jpg

Titled Dad and Old Plane

Rz 700 dad old-plane.jpg

Titled Cynthia and Helen on Belplain Avenue

Rz Cynthia & Helen Belplain Street.jpg

Titled Carapelluci 50th Anniversary

Rz Carapelluci 50th Anniversary.jpg

Titled Carapellucci Honor Group

Rz carapellucci honor group.jpg

Titled Bernie and Mary Ann Haller on Bleplain Avenue

Rz Bernie & Mary Ann Haller Belplain Street.jpg

Titled Bernie and Mary Ann on Bike on Belplain Avenue

Rz Bernie & Mary Ann On Bike.jpg

Titled Vince Desalvo holding big fish on Belplain Avenue

Rz Vince Desalvo Holding Big Fish Belplain St 1940's.jpg

Titled Bernie Clarky Jimmy 6-23-54

Rz Bernie Clarky Jimmy-6-23-54.jpg

Titled Scarlatelli Family Belplain St Early 1940s

(Three story building at top of photo demolished in 2011)

Scarlatelli Family Belplain St Early 1940's rz.jpg