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Danny Seemiller

1995, he served as President of the (now called States Table Tennis Association USA Table Tennis). He was inducted into the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 1995.

His profile in Sport Illustrated: Sports Illustrated Vault

Danny Seemiller-brash and unorthodox-keeps banging away at the little white ball with no doubt that he is a future world champion The taller of the two boys playing table tennis is by far more interesting to watch simply because he seems so remarkably awkward. His forehand is normal enough, but to hit a backhand he uses the same side of the paddle, rotates his arm 180� and punches rather than strokes the ball. The boy's name is Danny Seemiller and, despite his awkwardness and anonymity, at the U.S. World Team tryouts in Chicago recently he rose from 71st ranking to become the No. 1 player in the country. And he talks like No. 1. "They said I couldn't win with my unconventional style, but after I wiped them up in Chicago they changed their minds. That's one of the reasons I've dedicated myself to table tennis. To prove I'm right." Seemiller, lithe and tall and rosy-cheeked, looking even younger than his 18 years, was back home for a few days in the house in which he had lived all his life in Carrick, a suburb of Pittsburgh . He was rallying with his brother, one of the five Seemiller children and a junior table tennis champion in his own right, in an old shed, remodeled by his father—a salesman—to resemble a clubhouse. There is an unpainted plywood bar in the back of the building. A ribbon of chairs lines the walls, surrounding a jerry-built practice table. Nearby stands a greenhouse in which are planted hundreds of gold and silver medals and trophies that sparkle and blink under the fertilizing rays of the afternoon sun.

University of Pittsburgh Digital Library

1987 October 14 Carrick native Danny Seemiller with five other table tennis playerswill play for the U.S. team in the 1988 Summer Olympic games in South Korea.