Snow Storm February 2010

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Articles and Photos of the snow storm February, 2010.

Beck's Run Road just below Wagner Street

February 2010 - Becks Run Road.jpg

Homehurst Avenue at the Fairhaven Greenway in Overbrook on February 8, 2010 photo courtesy of Stephanie Chiappini

Homehurst at Fairhaven Greenway 2-6-10.jpg

Romance Way in Carrick on February 10, 2010 photos courtesy of Sissy Miller, Romance Way is behind The Boulevard.

February 2010- Romance Way.jpg February 2010 - Romance Way 2.jpg

Hornaday Road in Carrick on February 8, 2010 photos courtesy of John Rudiak.

Hornaday Road the night before the peak of the storm.

February 2010 - Hornaday Road night.jpg February 2010- Hornaday Road 224.jpg

February 2010 - rear 219 Hornaday Night.jpg February 2010 - rear 219 Hornaday Night 2.jpg

Hornaday Road February 8, 2010

February 2010-219 Hornaday.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road snow car.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road Rear 219 2.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road Rear 219.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road Hill 2.jpg February 2010-deck Hornaday Road.jpg

February 2010-Mrs. Summerfield's Trees 222 Hornaday.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road 219.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road 222.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road 215.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road 215 a.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road 217.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road 219 1.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road hill.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road 219 car.jpg February 2010-John Rudiak's Van Hornaday Road 2.jpg

February 2010-Hornaday Road 215-217.jpg

Helena Rudiak of Hornaday Road shovels Betty Nemmer's walk at 221 Hornaday Road

February 2010-Hornaday Road Helena Rudiak 2.jpg

John Rudiak of Hornaday Road

February 2010-John Rudiak Hornaday Road.jpg

Giffin Murphy and his family of Snow People 220 Hornaday Road

February 2010-Giffin Murphys Snow people 220 Hornaday Road.jpg

Giffin Murphy of Hornaday Road in a snow tunnel

February 2010- Giffin Murphy Hornaday Road.jpg

Chloe Murphy of Hornaday Road in a snow tunnel

February 2010- Chloe Murphy Hornaday Road.jpg

Giffin and his mom Beth Murphy shovel snow at 217 Hornaday Road

February 2010-Giffin and Beth Murphy.jpg

Emma Martellotti inside a tunnel on Hornaday Road

February 2010- Emma MARTELLOTTI.jpg

Rehman Street and Hornaday Road February 9, 2010

February 2010-Rehman Avenue.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road at Reiman Avenue.jpg

Red Rose Avenue February 8, 2010

February 2010-Red Rose Avenue.jpg February 2010-Hornaday Road at Red Rose Avenue.jpg

Brownsville Road at Agnew Avenue February 9, 2010

February 2010-Brownsville Road at Agnew Avenue.jpg February 2010-Brownsville Road and Hornaday Road.jpg

The following photos were contributed by Alice Vaday taken from her vantage point of 1630 Brownsville Road

From 1630 Brownsville Road looking south

Brownsville at 1630 looking South.jpg

From 1630 Brownsville Road looking north

Brownsville Road looking North-from 1630.jpg

Top of the garage of 1630 Brownsville Road

Top of Garage 1630 Brownsville Road back.jpg

The view of 1630 Brownville Road rear looking at Roosevelt Elementary School or West Cherryhill Avenue

Back of 1630 Brownsville Road looking at Roosevelt Elemenary School on Cherryhill.jpg

Side view of 1630 Brownsville Road looking at the Lutheran Church windows

Backyard view of Lutheran Church 1630 Brownsville Road.jpg

Kingwood Street residence toward Whitehall, dead end side at crest of the hill. Photo by Thomas Kopp

KingwoodSt Tom Kopp.jpg Tom Kopps Neighbors House.jpg

Kingwood Street residence toward Whitehall, dead end side. Photo by Thomas Kopp

KingwoodSt Tom Kopp.jpg

Valera Street, photos by Julia Tomasic

Rear Deck

Julia Tomasic Valera Street.jpg Julia Tomasic Valera Street 2.jpg

Valera Street

Julia Tomasic Valera Street 3.jpg Julia Tomasic Valera Street 4.jpg

Overbrook Blvd, Ravella Street and the L'enfant sculpture

Julia Tomasic Valera Overbrook and Ravella.jpg

2300 Brownsville Road by Julia Tomasic

Julia Tomasic 2314 Brownsville Road.jpg