South Side Cemetery

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South Side Cemetery is a non demoninational cemetery located in the heart of Carrick. Many of the area's most influential individuals have made this their final resting place.

South Side Cemetary Entrance 2008.jpg

South Side Cemetary 2008.jpg

One of Carrick's most influential families are the Phillips.

John M. Phillips Obituary

John M. Phillips7-1.jpg

File:Headstone Cemetery Lot Marker Phillips.jpg

John M. Phillips Headstone in Southside Cemetery located in Carrick, PA

John M. Phillips Headstone.jpg

Harriet Duff Phillips was the wife of John M. Phillips. Harriet Duff Phillips was also the daughter of Dr. John Milton Duff and Jennie (Kirk) Duff also of Carrick.

Harriet Duff Phillips portrait.jpg

Headstone Harriet Duff Phillips.jpg

Other headstones of families with Carrick identities:

Headstone John M. Phillips, Jr.jpg

Headstone Mary Phillips Henry.jpg

Headstone Dr. John P. Henry.jpg

Headstone John M. Phillips, Jr.jpg

Headstone Anna Jane Phillips resized.jpg

Headstone Margaret Phillips Chalfont.jpg

Headstone of Ann Provost Chalfont.jpg

Headstone of Sydney Chalfont.jpg

Headstones borland.jpg

Headstone Homer T and Alma W Phillips.jpg

Headstone Stella Phillips Borland.jpg

Headstone schuyler Phillips.jpg

Headstone Mary A Phillips.jpg

Headstone readshaw.jpg

Headstone francis readshaw.jpg

Headstone harry Readshaw, jr.jpg

Headstone Mary P. Wenke.jpg

Headstone Thomas A. Noble.jpg

[[Image:Headstone Robert Stewart.jpg

[[Image:Headstone margaret stewart.jpg

Note how young these next few are.

Headstone of Raymond sankey.jpg

Headstone of chalmer sankey.jpg

Headstones of clara sankey and anna sankey.jpg

Headstones of james stewart and laura stewart.jpg

Headstones of Sarah J. Stewart and Florence Stewart.jpg