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"I was wondering if there was any information available regarding a social club establishment of some sort that was located in Carrick on Claus Avenue in the 40's 50's or 60's? I grew up on this street in the 60's and remember it being abandoned and dilapidated even then before it was eventually torn down I guess in the late 60's. What was this place in it's heyday? What was it's name? Any info would be appreciated."

Former Carrick Resident

"It was called the Southern Country Club. If you drive down Claus from Brownsville it was on the left side where the newer houses are now built. They were built in '69 '70. I grew up on Sunnyland and have a vague memory of it being open and going to a Santa party at Christmas. Most of my memories are like the one described in your inquire of it being rundown and us as teens being yelled at by neighbors to stay out of it."

Ricky King

Photo and description courtesy of David Stanley.

SouthernCountryClub rz.jpg

My great-grandfather, John A. Bleichner was one of the founders of the club. He, Joseph G. Armstrong, Alois Winter, and John A. Bleichner founded it in November 1905 originally as the Millionaires Club. It was located at 37 Claus Avenue. I'm not sure when it ceased to exist but I am including a photo of my great-grandfather that was taken to honor him at the fiftieth anniversary of the club's founding on Saturday, November 19, 1955; at the time my great-grandfather was the only original member still alive. The picture is signed by approximately 200 people.