Tree Tenders

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Carrick Tree Tenders are a dedicated group of volunteers from Carrick and even Mt. Oliver Borough who give up one day a month to trim trees, mulch the beds and weed the patches of dirt. Their efforts have made a difference in having close to 200 new trees planted in Carrick along Brownsville Road and several side streets.

Mulch Madness October 2010

Tree tenders Mulch Madness.jpg

Left to right - Insert name here, Joe Krynock, Dave Dutzik, John Rudiak, Kate Thomes, Natalia Rudiak, Alice Vaday

Tree tenders nov. 2010.jpg

Tree tenders in November 2010 - left to right standing Alice Vaday, Sally Guzik, Dave Dudzik, Joe Krynock, Kate Thomes, John Rudiak. Knelling left to right - Natalia Rudiak, Linda Donahue