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Overbrook Trivia and History Quiz

by Margi Andrulonis

1.In the mid to late 1960’s you could stop in and buy penny candy and small groceries at this store, before hopping on the streetcar. What was the name of it? This store used to go by another name in the late 50’s to early 60’s – what was it?

2. At one time Overbrook was a separate borough, and not part of the City of Pittsburgh. After joining the city of Pittsburgh it became necessary to rename some of the Overbrook streets. What was the former name of the street we now know as Glenbury?

3. In the 1960’s, this “officer-friendly” was stationed at the intersection of Rt. 51 and 88 every school-day, to make sure that the school children crossed the highway safely. What was his first name?

4. A popular, yet illegal, place for spray-painting your name, what is the official name of this tunnel on Glenbury Street?

5. At one time, Overbrook was actually part of Baldwin Township. By what name was the area known by at that time?

6. In the 1950’s through the very early 1970s, if you weren’t feeling well you could visit a doctor, and have a prescription filled on Glenbury Street. Name the doctor and the Pharmacy.

7. During the same time period as question 6 – once you saw the doctor, and got your prescription filled, if you were feeling better you could stop at this corner salon for a beehive hairdo. Name the Glenbury Street salon.

8. What was the previous name of this long-established saloon, that is now called the Hillview?

9. Overbrook did have some schools within it’s neighborhood boundaries, (public and private), and at times, Overbrook children were assigned to schools outside the neighborhood boundaries. Can you name these?

10. Name the local Catholic Church and school that towered over the intersection of Saw Mill Run Boulevard and Library Road.

11. Saw Mill Run Boulevard goes by many names – Route 51, Clairton Boulevard, etc.. In the early 1900’s it went by a different name – what was it?

12. The building was originally a Presbyterian Church, and is now a local club. Name the club.

13. This restaurant, located on Saw Mill Run Boulevard, was originally the first location of a famous chain of restaurants. What was the name of this restaurant, and what is the name of the establishment now?

14. Ivyglen Street, which runs up the hill from the intersection of Saw Mill Run Boulevard and Library Road, ending at Mullooly Street, was previously named something different. What was it called?

15. Name the cemetery located at 800 Stewart Lane.

16. Fairview School, built in 1907, was located on “Commerce Street” (nicknamed “School Hill”). The street was renamed Hillview. In what year was Fairview torn down?

17. If you attended Overbrook School, and needed to cross Saw Mill Run Boulevard to get from one side of the road to the other, how did you cross safely?

18. In the 1960s, this chain restaurant, located on Saw Mill Run Boulevard near Overbrook School featured the “Big Scott” hamburger. Name the restaurant.

19. In the early 1970’s, if you ordered an “89’r Special”, which included a hamburger, fries and a soft drink, in what restaurant would you be?

20. Overbrook, although not a large community, has three zip codes. What are they?

21. If you got hungry while playing or watching a game at Overbrook field, you could walk over to which local pizza parlor for a delicious slice?

Answers:   1. Tavis’s. Willy’s 2. Frederick Street 3. Henry 4. Wabash 5. Fair Haven 6. Dr. Davies. Homer’s Drug Store 7. Beulah’s Beauty Salon 8. Kunkel’s Tavern 9. Carmalt, Carrick, Concord, Oak, Fairview, Overbrook, St. Norbert’s 10. St. Norbert’s 11. Library Road Extension 12. German Club 13. Eat N Park. Frank and Shirley’s. 14. Harding Boulevard 15. Beth Abraham Cemetery 16. 1974 17. Underground tunnel 18. Sandy’s 19. Eat N Park 20. 15227, 15210, 15234 21. DiCarlo’s