Trolley Barns

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Trolley Barn currently Lennox Gulf Station near corner of Churchview Avenue and Brownsville Road

Carrick Car Barn at Lennox Gas.jpg Lennix street car barn edited-1.jpg

Trolley Barn at what is now Foodland Shopping Center near intersection of what is now Wynoka Avenue and Brownville Road

Carrick Car Barn at Foodland.jpg

Close up of the rear of the Carrick Car Barn

Note: Amanda Avenue and the Duquesne Light Co. Substation

1921 Carrick Car Barn resized.jpg

1947 Map of the site

1947 Carrick Car Barn Map resized.jpg

The following items submitted by Raymond Lattner. From The Gazette September 27, 1916

Carrick car house switches2 article page 1 rz.jpg

Carrick car house switches photo rz.jpg

Carrick car house switches2 article.jpg Carrick car house switches2 article new rz.jpg