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The Mothers’ Club of Carrick was a philanthropic organization founded by Harriet Duff Phillips.

In a 1931 Post-Gazette article she is noted as the founder of the Mothers' Club of Carrick

Harriet phillips 1931.jpg

This is the location of their first meeting house that was located at the corner of current Spokane and Parkfield Avenues. The site is now an expansion building and gym of Carrick High School.

Mothers club building.jpg

The current view of this site:

Carrick High School Parkfield and Spokane 1.jpg

Mothers club roto.jpg

This video was transferred from a 16mm real found in the home of the former Mothers Club of Carrick, PA. This real was donated to the Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society and then converted to DVD. Currently this footage is the only home movie of the Carrick Community in this early time period of the 1940s. This movie also contains the original entrance to Carrick Park which was later renamed "Phillips Park." Also featured is the original Mothers Club house which was demolished for Pittsburgh Carrick High School’s first addition. This film was very rare for its time since it was in color and originally there was sound recorded onto a phonograph. At this present time we are unable to locate the audio that was recorded.

Part 1

Part 2

Mothers club booklet.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 2.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 3.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 4.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 5.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 7.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 8.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 9.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 10.jpg

Mothers club booklet page 11.jpg

Mother's Club Photo?

Mother's club photo.jpg

Mother's Club History Up To 20th Anniversary, 1933

Club History P1.jpg

Club History P2.jpg

Club History P3.jpg

Club History P4.jpg

Club History P5.jpg

The Events of The Year, 1922

1922 Events.jpg

Letter and Ordinance for Soldiers' Memorial, 1927

Ordinance Letter.jpg

Ordinance P1.jpg

Ordinance P2.jpg

Soldiers' Memorial Dedication, May 1928

Dedication Invitation.jpg

Memorial Dedication.jpg

Mothers' Club of Carrick Postcard Oct. 21, 1931

Postcard Front.jpg

Postcard Back.jpg

Other Mothers' Club Houses over the years


Carrickulum Vol. 10 - January 23, 1935

Bird House Contest for Hill-Top Students Sponsored by the Mother's Club of Carrick

Carrickulum Vol10.JPG

Tree Dedication Letter, September 30, 1936

Tree Dedication.jpg

The Club Journal Vol. 1 - April 3, 1940

Club Journal P1.jpg