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From Carrick Borough's past this is an assortment of utility covers. Can you find where they all are? Carrick was the first borough to install sanitary sewer systems in Allegheny County. Where the borough's sewer system tied into adjoining municipal sewers the covers show them.

This one is located at 2314 Brownsville Road.

Carrick Boro Sanitary sewer.JPG

Hornaday Road sidewalk

Carrick Boro Sanitary sewe Hornaday Road sidewalk.jpg

Most manhole covers are marked "Sanitary Sewer". This one is marked "Storm Sewer." Location is . . .?

Carrick Boro Storm sewer 1.jpg

This one is located on an Overbrook Boulevard sidewalk just 200 feet from Saw Mill Run Blvd.

Baldwin Twp sewer resized.jpg

And this one is located in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen at the intersection of Mullouly Street and Clairton Boulevard (AKA Saw Mill Run Blvd.) (State Route 51), Overbrook neighborhood.

Overbrook Borough Manhole Cover.jpg

There are several of these "L H" covers around Carrick. This one is located on Brownsville Road near Hornaday Road.

Carrick Borough LH.jpg

This one is marked "Knoxville Borough LH" and is located on the sidewalk at the intersection of Madeline Street and Brownsville Road in the heart of Carrick Borough. Could it be that Carrick Borough borrowed this cover from Knoxville Borough?

Carrick-knoxville boro lh lid 1.jpg