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These are photos of Overbrook people and locations that you can help identify who or what they are.

St. Norbert School, 3rd Grade, 1962

St. Norbert School 3rd Grade 1962.jpg

So far: District Magistrate Richard King - row 2, column 2. Thomas Kopp - row 5, column 2. J.B. (John Bridge) - 5th row 10th column. John LaPeccerella - row 4 (from top), column 6. Ken Andrulonis - Row 4, last column

Overbrook Soccer Team.jpg

1967 Fairhaven Elementary Class Photo

Fairhaven Elementary School

Overbrook Fairhaven Elementary School.jpg

Fairview Elementary 3rd grade resized.jpg

Photo and description provided courtesy of Vickie Stadelman Higgins.

"This is the photo from my 3rd grade class photo. The year was 1967. I’m relatively certain that this was the first year our class picture was in color! There were not enough students to warrant having a 3rd and 4th grade class that year so they combined the two classes. Therefore, this photo is of the 3rd and 4th grade class at Fairview. The teachers name was something like Mrs. Bayou. The principal was Mr Herschbaumer. Spelling on those names is questionable. I believe that was the last year Mr Herschbaumer was the principal at Fairview. The following school term, 1968-1969, the principal was Mrs. Waddle.

Here’s the best I can come up with for names…. 1st row, unkown, (Andy or Gary) Roberts, Bea Sissler, Sharon Mueller, David Huntley, Denise & Diane Fuerr (twins), unknown, Denise Sonson, Vicki Stadelman, Rebecca Horning, Carol ?, Glenn Mueller,

2nd Row, Darleen ?, unknown, Rosemary Werling, James Houlihan, Patricia ?, (Andy or Gary) Roberts, unknown, Jan Lowry, Joanna Horning, Marilyn Carter, unknown, Tony Kunsleman, 3rd Row, unknown, unknown, unknown, Wayne Werling, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown

Note, spelling of names is not certain . .