Wright, Margaret Persosky

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This “Cold Case” is from Tracey Fielding who lives in Centerville, PA.

Tracey writes:

I looking for information in regards to one of my ancestors who lived in Carrick in 1930. I'm not sure if you can help, but any information you could give me or if there is someone else I could contact, I would be grateful. My great-great grandmother was Margaret Persosky Wright and was living in Carrick in 1930. She was attacked and beaten on the banks of the Allegheny River in April of 1930. She never regained consciousness and died the next day, on Easter Sunday, without the police being able to talk to her. I'm also unsure if she was still living with her husband, but she was only 32 and had five children, one of them being my grandmother who was only 7 years old.No one ever really told her much more than that, other than her father could not raise them, so a lady named Daisy Raley took all the kids in. I have only found a few newspaper articles about the attack and nothing after that. I don't know if anyone was charged for her murder or where the investigation went. I am working on our family tree and trying to find out more information on Margaret and the rest of her family (parents and siblings). If you could help me in any way, I would appreciate it very much.

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