Coal Mine Maps

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This a link to a general overview of mining under Council District 4

Click Here for map

These are detailed interesting mine maps of our area that are from the collection of Carol Anthony. These scanned maps will be on our web site shortly. These mine maps display an interesting view of what's underneath our homes. Wouldn't it be interesting to actually tour these underground vaults to see what has been left behind? Many of our residents are unaware of the fact that the Keeling Coal Company portal was located at Volunteers Athletic Field and that most of Carrick and Overbrook are a void and mined out. The field is actually built on "tailings" or mine waste taken out of the mines. Check out our section on the Keeling Coal Company by clicking here. Some residents have told us they know of the portals and have actually mined coal out of their basements. This area was also known as Spiketown since many of the old homes were built using the mining spikes of the mines.

Mine map darker 1 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 2 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 3 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 4 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 5 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 6 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 7 resized.jpg

Mine map darker 8 resized.jpg