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Joseph Keeling was the owner of a coal mine on St. Patrick Street in Mt. Oliver. The mine was connected with the South Side by an incline, now the site of South Side Park, that ran from St. Patrick St. to 21st St. The mine continued under Mt. Oliver,exited to cross a ravine, continued under a second hill, then exited again to cross another ravine on a 200 yard trestle over Wagner Street, then continued under Carrick near Bruner and Linnview Avenue. It continued underground to Spiketown, where it emerged again. Coal from the Bausman mine was tranferred to a train pulled by a steam locomotive, and transported through the Keeling mine to the coal incline. "Old coal mine workers told how they entered a coal mine down by volunteers field, probably Keeling, and then went thru sevral different portals and shuttles to work out in the Library and Findlay coal mine area.

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The following two images are from an 1896 map of Baldwin Township. Carrick Borough did not exist yet, but was just a post office. Spiketown was just a neighborhood in the great Baldwin Township. Notice at the very bottom of the map is the notation "Fairhaven PO" the name of the current Overbrook neighborhood.

Spiketown in Barlwin Twp..jpg Spiketown subdivision.jpg

These two images are of miners in the Keeling Coal Company mine. The Speicher family had many members in Spiketown. One of our Carrick historians is named Joe Speicher.

Keeling Coal miners.jpg

Keeling Coal miners 2.jpg

Mine Rescue Testing.jpg

A collection of coal miner photos not of Carrick but possibly a representation of how life was in the coal mines for our former residents. Photo courtesy of Joyce Chalfant.

Mine Rescue Testing (1).jpg

For more photos of coal miners see Miners.

At the intersection of Beck's Run Road and E. Carson Street the Beck's Run Coal Tipple was the beginning of the end for some of the coal extracted from the Hays Mine at Beck's Run Road and E.Agnew Avenue.

Beck's Run Coal Tipple.jpg