John M. Phillips’ Children

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This is a photo of John M. Phillips' children on the front lawn of his mansion "Impton" at 2236 Brownsville Road with Richard B. Mellon, Richard King Mellon and Sara Mellon.

Phillips kids at 2236 Brownsville Road on the lawn.jpg

Headstone Mary Phillips Henry.jpg

Mary's Husband

Headstone Dr. John P. Henry.jpg

Headstone John M. Phillips, Jr.jpg

Headstone Anna Jane Phillips resized.jpg

Margaret Phillips was the daughter of John M. Phillips and she married Alexander S. Chalfant. Her first child was named Ann Provost Chalfant after her greatgrandmother Ann Pullen Provost. Her second child was named Sydney Alexandra Chalfant.

Headstone Margaret Phillips Chalfont.jpg

Margaret's Child Headstone

Headstone of Ann Provost Chalfont.jpg

Ann Provost Chalfant's little sister Sydney

Headstone of Sydney Chalfont.jpg

Regina was the wife of James M. Phillips, youngest son of Harriet & John M. Phillips. She currently resides in the Phillips Section of Southside Cemetery and is survived by her children Jeffrey M. Phillips, Margaret (Molly) M. Pollick, Rebecca (Becky) J. Watterson, and Thomas S. Phillips and 9 grandchildren.

Headstone Regina Phillips.jpg

Yet to be identified headstones

Headstone Homer T and Alma W Phillips.jpg

Headstone Stella Phillips Borland.jpg