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Current events

Our Name:

  • Carrick-on-Suir – Carrick Post Office was named after this Irish City of Dr. John O’Brien who had the honor of naming the first post office in this area of Baldwin Township in 1853. Wikipedia Carrick-on-Suir
  • Carrick Swan and Rock – official emblem of Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland. Rock because in Gaelic Carrick means Rock and swans because it is located on the River Suir which has many swans.

Articles, Booklets, Photos and Notes about Carrick

  • Articles about Carrick - Compilation of newspaper articles and research papers about Carrick Borough and the Carrick Neighborhood.
  • Carrick's 2010 Paint Out - in an effort to improve the image of Brownsville Road artists are painting panels attach to storefront windows.
    • Art project spruces up Carrick - "A Pittsburgh Leader article from 1904 reporting on the status of Carrick stated that "if nine out of 10 Pittsburgers were asked where Carrick is they could not answer. If asked to describe the place they would be equally at sea."
  • Carrick Profile 1970 - CARRICK – 1970 A COMMUNITY PROFILE Prepared by The Department of City Planning, Pittsburgh, PA, August 1974
  • Coal mines - A collection of stories and facts regarding our underground.
  • Early Carrick History - A letter to Harriet Duff Phillips from a Mr. Bennett who talks about very eary Carrick History. There is no date on this letter.
  • The Hornaday Road Report - by Joe Krynock. Joe explains how the Hornaday Road project started and how the History Society was started.
  • Hornaday Road Welcome - Article about Hornaday Road residents welcoming veteran Army 1st Lt. Bob Muessner back from his tour in Iraq.
  • Neighborhood Authors - An ongoing compilation of neighborhood writers who have seen their works in print.
  • Recollections - Stories and recollections from residents and former residents about life in the South Hills.
  • Trolleys in Carrick - This page contains photos and articles about trolleys in Carrick and adjoining neighborhoods
  • WWII Articles - A collection of articles which appeared in newspapers about the men and women serving in the war.

Buildings and Homes

  • Carrick Log Cabin - Located at Brownsville Road across the street from Overbrook Blvd
  • House Moving - Photos of the moving of Fallert's house moving operation at Brownsville Road and Laughlin Avenue.


  • A & P Store – First in now the old Isaly’s, then moved to a small room near Brentwood Bank, maybe in 1933, where the Melrose Theater was built.
  • Burns hardware - Located in the "new" Carrick Shopping Center it still had the old time "we have everything you need" hardware store feel.
  • Carrick Brazing and Welding - Charles Horne in 1945 opened Carrick Brazing and Welding at 221 Madeline Avenue. He moved to the current location of 401 Nobles Lane in 1946.
  • Carrick Shopping Center - formerly the site of Semmelrock Funeral Home and family home which were demolished to build the center. Shopping center was built in the 1950.
  • Cost Cutters - Established 1985 in the Carrick Shopping Center
  • Dudt’s Bakery – located at Belplain Avenue and 2552 Brownsville Road. Highly rated throughout the South Hills. Cameron Dudt owner.
  • Esso Station – Located at Brownsville Road and Claus Avenue.
  • Giant Eagle - Formerly the home of Robert Phillips the Giant Eagle was built in the 1960s and then abandoned due to a move to Brentwood Towne Centre. Proposed home to Senior Housing in 2013.
  • Lennix Gulf Station – was also a trolley barn later on and the end of the line until line extended to the current Bank site and bus turn around.
  • McGinnnis Sisters - McGinniss Sisters first store was a Mobil Gas Station at the corner of Brownsville Road and Claus Avenue
  • Mr. Erny’s – Home and Funeral Home built in 1928 across from Raleigh Square.
  • Urben's Drug Store - At the corner of Church (currently Churchview) Avenue and Brownsville Road in 1925.


We recently were informed about a web site titled This web site has information about our cemeteries and by joining their site you can add photos and information too.

  • Birmingham Cemetery - (a/k/a Zimmerman Cemetery, a/k/a Lorch's Cemetery, a/k/a German United Protestant Evangelical Cemetery), 2511 Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15210
  • Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery – Located at 1907 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15210-4201. Among other famous Carrick residents it was also the burial site of John Maugridge Snowden, mayor of Pittsburgh 1825-1829 and namesake of Snowden township, later renamed South Park Township.
  • St. Adalbert - Predominently Polish Catholic Cemetery, the parent church is located in the South Side of Pittsburgh on South 15th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
  • South Side Cemetery - 1404 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210. This is a non demoninational cemetery located in the heart of Carrick. Many of the area's most influential individuals have made this their final resting place. Reference is made to this cemetery in this article Pittsburgh Leader 1904.


  • Carrick’s Acreage – size in acres of Carrick in 1927 -1,015
  • Carrick First – First Borough to lay all streets on a six inch base. As a result there is still little need for repairs on these streets.First sanitary sewer system in Western Pennsylvania


  • Bird Day-created in the late 1800s to teach children about nature and to promote bird in the neighborhoods.
  • Picnic Day Photo - Photo of a neighborhood picnic in 1913 Lacona Street and Laughlin Street Ext. The area was called Heideis Hollow.


  • Wigman House - 1725 Brownsville Road. Our 'Crown Jewel' of Carrick and our first historic house designated by the City of Pittsburgh.
  • Winter Homes - 2314 and 2316 Brownsville Road. Duplex sister homes built by Barbara and Alois Winter. This is our first designated Historic District.

Houses of Worship

  • Concord Presbyterian Church – 1907 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, was one of the first churches built in Carrick in 1831. First church building built in 1832. Burial site of John Maugridge Snowden, mayor of Pittsburgh 1825-1829 and nameske of Snowden township, later renamed South Park Township.
  • St. Basil’s School and Church – Roman Catholic, 1735 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210. Originally located on Cherryhill Street at the site of Roosevelt School. Church was built at the current location in 1907.


  • Agnew Glass Works – Located at the intersection of Brownsville Road and current E. Agnew Avenue.
  • Alpha Sign Company – first company to install billboards on Brownsville Road in Carrick. Signs called eyesores even at that time.
  • Brownsville Plank Road – known by that name because of the 4’ plank road for clean riding and maintained by tolls.
  • Brownsville Road – At one time was an Indian Trail was also known as Brownsville Pittsburgh Toll Road, Brownsville Plank Road, Southern Avenue and Brownsville Road. The road had at one time three toll booths, was a mud rutted road impassible in spring and fall, used by farmers to transport livestock to Pittsburgh and was a stagecoach route to Brownsville PA. John M. Phillips was called Boardwalk John because of his effort to plank Brownville Road and widened the road to its current width.
  • Brownsville Road names – Southern Avenue, Brownsville Plank Road, Birmingham and Brownsville Macadamized Turnpike Road, Brownsville Avenue.
  • Bucks Tavern – A toll booth, hotel and tavern for travelers using Brownsville Road to Brownville. Currently the Italian Club. Built in 1818, burned in 1853.
  • Carrick Bank – first bank to be organized in the community. C. H. Stolzenbach becomes the first President. Biddle Boys said to have robbed Carrick Bank in their bank robbing spree.
  • Carrick Hotel - Also known as the Hotel Carrick and is currently the location of Acapulco Joe's Bar and apartment.
  • Carrick Literary Society - Definitely not to be confused with the current Carrick Literary Club at 210 Copperfield Avenue.
  • Carrick Post Office – First government post office in Baldwin Township established in December 23, 1853. Possibly located in later years next to the Carrick Borough offices in what is now Caruso’s Music Store.
  • Carrick Telephone office – Located at Overbrook Boulevard and Brownsville Road. 1904 had 50 subscribers, by 1910 had 300.
  • Concord Church – was one of the first churches built in Carrick in 1831.
  • Craillo area of Carrick near Concord Church.
  • Engleartville – First name of the Carrick area named after Engleart Glass Company.
  • Hess Farm - Located on Churchview Avenue - photo only
  • Johnnies Ice Cream Bar - 154 Parkfield Street at corner of Spokane Avenue -served thousands of student from Carrick High School.
  • Keeling Coal Company owner of a coal mine on St. Patrick Street in Mt. Oliver. The mine was connected with the South Side by an incline, now the site of South Side Park, that ran from St. Patrick St. to 21st St. The mine continued under Mt. Oliver, crossed a ravine on a 200 yard trestle over Wagner Street, and continued under Carrick near Bruner and Linnview Avenue. It then continued underground to Spiketown, where it emerged again. Coal from the Bausman mine was tranferred to a train pulled by a steam locomotive, and transported through the Keeling mine to the coal incline.
  • L’Enfant L'Enfant - Mother's statue– Mother and child sculpture currently residing at Overbrook Boulevard and Ravilla Street since 1966. Originally called L’Enfant was donated to the Mother’s House. Won second price in Paris, France. Sculpted by Roger Bloche.
  • Maytide Street - Also check Street Names. Called Maine Street (also in Overbrook Borough) before Overbrook Borough became and Carrick Borough became part of the City of Pittsburgh
  • Melrose Theater - Located at the intersection of Brownsville Road and Sankey Avenue the theater no longer exists but you can see some of the original building behind the new front.
  • Mothers' Club of Carrick - The Mothers’ Club of Carrick was a philanthropic organization founded by Harriet Duff Phillips. This is the location of their first meeting house that was located at the corner of current Spokane and Parkfield Avenues.
  • Nicholodean – Currently the St. Basil’s Credit Union and was the site of Carrick Library.
  • Phillips Park – named after John M. Phillips for the many donated trees and swimming pool. Also known as Dilly’s Grove, Southern Park and Carrick Park was originally a Trolley Traction Park with vaudeville acts, roller coasters, merry go rounds and other attractions. Dilly’s Grove was part of the Coffey Estate bought in 1904 for $29,000
  • Phillips Properties - Scattered from Downtown Pittsburgh to the South Side (Birmingham) to Carrick this is a compilation of the Phillips properties by Robert F. Phillips.
  • Raleigh Square – Once a farm and land taken in 1928 and prior to that year farm was here. The farm was not taken care and fire destroys the 2 story, frame, unpainted house of the farmer who had a wife and 8 children. Sold by the farmer who had 8 children but could no longer make ends meet. Land comprised of an area along Brownsville Road from the Phillips’ residence to Willies (across from Clifton Street to Maytide Street and on back to Phillps’ residence. The land bordered by Biscayne Avenue to around Wysox Avenue to Maytide Street to Valera Street.
  • Spiketown – Comes into existance in 1868. The area around current Volunteer’s Fields. Neighborhood of homes built by miners of the Keeling Coal Company. Said to be called Spiketown because the miners used mine spikes to build their homes. Also said to be named after the Speiker Family whose large family also lived in the area.
  • The Boulevard - One of the very first streets in Carrick. Eligible for Historic District.
  • Toll Stations – First toll station was located at Knox Avenue, another at the current Italian Club and a third at current Churchview Road
  • Traction Park – Current Phillips Park becomes a “traction park.” Previously known as Dilly’s Grove and Carrick Park. Purchased as a Community Park. Dedicated at a great 4th of July celebration in 1914.
  • Utility covers - From Carrick Borough's past this is an assortment of utility covers. Can you find where they all are?
  • William Wightman’s Land – Bought from the Indians for one iron ax by William Wightman. Area from present Parkfield Street to Maytide Street along Brownsville Road then west along Saw Mill Run. Present Verizon telephone building on this land.
  • Wilson's Farm - John Wilson - Wilson's Farm – was one of the original settlers of this area. A revolutionary war soldier who was granted land for service in the Revolutionary war and operated a farm from current Biscayne to Parkfield to Route 51. Overbrook Boulevard was once called Wilson’s Alley.
  • Valera Street - A portion of Valera Street is in an plan called Raleigh Square



  • Coal Mine Maps - A collection of underground coal mine maps under Carrick, Overbrook and the area. Courtesy of Carol Anthony.

War Memorials

Near to Carrick

This section is for those historic places near to our neighborhood but not quite Carrick.

  • 18th Street - Late in the 19th century many people petitioned the city of Pittsburgh to build a decent road to the Hilltop, as the borough on the mountaintop were refered to then. Here is the location of a few photos of that road.
  • Page's - located at the intersection of Beck's Run Road and E. Carson Street Page's Gas Station and Dairy Store has been a fixture on the South Side for over a century. This intersection is on one of the gateway roads to Carrick.


  • Carrick Borough - Formed in 1904 and annexed into the City of Pittsburgh in 1927.
  • Carrick Community Council - Formed early in our history the community council is still valuable forum for residents to learn about the events in the neighborhood and find answers to problems and issues. Form more information [click here]
  • GBU - German Beneficial Union - The GBU, or German Beneficial Union, originally began in Carrick with a great hall and building located at 2500 Brownsville Road. The building is currently an apartment building with 32 units.
  • Tree Tenders - Carrick's Tree Tenders are a group of certified tree tenders who meet once per month to trim, mulch and weed our trees.


  • Askin, Ralph - A physician who practiced in Carrick at 2117 Brownsville Road.
  • Bausman, Nicholas Nicholas Bausman - early settler and landowner in 1818 sells the Carrick area to Noble Calhoun for $5,000.
  • Boardwalk John – nickname for John M. Phillips because he wanted to build a 4’ wide boardwalk from Mt. Oliver to the 3rd. toll gate. He had a vision of a future 60’ Right of Way street and sidewalk and had citizens volunteer to build the street. As a demonstration of what a 60’ Right of Way paved road and sidewalk would look like, John M. Phillips purchases the property across from his 2236 Brownsville Road home so he could lay sidewalks and widen and pave Brownsville Road.
  • Brown, Sherry Miller - Director of the College of General Studies’ McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success
  • Cary, Emily Prichard Emily Prichard Cary - She was a native of Pittsburgh and now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Emily writes about her life in Carrick.
  • Calhoun, Noble Noble Calhoun - 1842 sells Carrick to William Noble for $17,000
  • Carrick Centurions - A collection of Carrick residents who have reached the century mark birthdays.
  • Caruso, Henry - Carrick business owner of Caruso's Music and music teacher.
  • Dawida, Audrey Audrey Dawida - Wife of Michael Dawida and community volunteer. Audrey was active in the neighborhood's history.
  • Dawida, Michael Michael Dawida – State Representative, State Senator, Allegheny County Commissioner
  • DeLuca, Mark - Carrick native and Muay Thai fighter won the Thai Boxing Association-Sanctioning Authority (TBA-SA) Superlightweight World Championship on Saturday Nov. 8, 2008, in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Devlin,Peter A. Peter A Devlin – one of the area’s first settlers. Log cabin moved to Phillips Park but no one remembers it there. One photo in the old South Hills Record shows it on Walton off Churchview.
  • Diehl, Adam Adam Diehl – First Borough Burgess lived 2338 Brownsville Road.
  • Englert, Milton S. - One of the original landowners and citizens of Baldwin Township, later Carrick Borough. Legend has it that the Carrick area was once called Englertville because of the glass works owned by the Englerts.
  • Fink, Jean - Carrick Community Council President, Board Member and Pittsburgh Public School Board Member
  • Fleming, John J. John J. Fleming – industrialist and inventor who lived in Carrick and worked as the chief engineer of Phillips Mining and Manufacturing Company.
  • Hazlett, Rev. John – Pastor Concord Presbyterian Church in 1872 starts academy for Higher Education at his home, Oak Grove, on Brownsville Road and corner of Stewart Avenue. Academy was the first school south of the Monongahela River to provide secondary education for older boys and girls.
  • Herman, JoAnn - Jo Ann Herman / Fervent guardian of Carrick neighborhood June 18, 1934 - April 9, 2009
  • Jones, Phyliss - Carrick High School Alumni Sports Walk of Fame Inductee
  • Jumbo – Motorcycle cop in Carrick Borough in the 1920’s
  • Lemon, John John Lemon – First Borough Solicitor
  • Markowitz, Nick Nick Markowitz – early (1976) Carrick Historian who contributed many works, research and authored dozens of article about Carrick.
  • McCue, Tim - Carrick resident and stock car driver article.
  • Miners - A collection of coal miner photos not of Carrick but possibly a representation of how life was in the coal mines for our former residents.
  • Morgan, Al - Long time Carrick resident who claims Carrick grew up around him.
  • Noble, William William Noble - 1855 sells 100 acres for $45,000 and in 1865 sells 100 acres for $106,000. Probable namesake of Noble's Lane.
  • O'Brien, Dr. John Dr. John O’Brien – named the first US Post Office in this area in 1853 after his home town of Carrick-on-Suir.
  • Phillips, Anna Jane - Daughter of Harriet Duff Phillips and John M. Phillips. Married to Joseph Shuman.
  • Phillips, John John Phillips – Owned a mansion that sat in the middle of current Hornaday Road and owned 12 acres of land that became known as Phillips Manor.
  • Phillips, Harriet Duff Harriet Duff Phillips – Wife of John M. Phillips, daughter of Dr. Duff. 1913 founded Mothers Club. 1916 founded Brashear Settlement. 1934-1938 President of the PA. Federation of Woman’s Clubs. Pioneer of Women's Health Programs, 1956 Phillips Elementary School named after her father and her. South Side Hospital Board of Directors. Board member of Pittsburgh Board of Education.
  • Phillips, John M. John M. Phillips – nephew of John Phillips, PA Game Commissioner, City of Pittsburgh Councilman, creator of Phillips Park, owned mansion at 2336 Brownsville Road named Impton, conservationist, creator of state parks, instrumental in the creation of the Boy Scouts of America earning the title "Chief Silver Tip" by American Indians who taught and knew him. John M. Phillips was also a naturalist, environmentalist, Boy Scout Founder in Pennsylvania, owner of Phillips Mine and Manufacturing Company. In 1924 President Calvin Cooledge named him chair of a national conference on conservation.
  • Phillips' Children John M. Phillips’ Children – 3 daughters Mrs. Anna Jane Phillips Shuman, Mrs. Mary Phillips Lutz, Mrs. Margaret Phillips Chalfont, 2 sons John M. Phillips, Jr. (Whitehall Borough Councilman), James M. Phillips. Also had 13 grandchildren.
  • Quel Brothers - Five brothers who served together in World War II
  • Rudiak, John J. - Carrick Community Council President, community organizer, PennDOT Traffic Systems Control Specialist
  • Rudiak, Natalia A. - In 1997 named Carrick High School's Senior of the year. On May 19,2009 Natalia Rudiak becomes the first female City Councilperson to represent District 4 and the first Councilperson from Carrick.
  • Saits, John John Saits – First Borough Tax Collector
  • Sankey, Walter - Newspaper article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "To Charlotte, with love."
  • Seemiller, Danny - Danny Seemiller is an American table tennis player. By 1972, he was the number one qualifier on the U.S. World Team. he has won five U.S. Men's Singles Championships (in 1976, 1977, 1980, 1982, and 1983). He was once ranked #19 in the world.
  • Sexauer, Dr John F. - MD Carrick's popular General Practitioner, whose office was above Heinauer's Drug Store on Brownsville Road. Dr Sexauer was the CHS football team doctor in the fifties and sixties. The family resided on Overbrook Blvd, and had 3 children (Sue, Janet, and Jack/John Jr who graduated from CHS in 1960)
  • Stanford, J. S. J. S. Stanford – First Postmaster of the Carrick Post Office in December 23, 1853
  • Warble Family - The Warble family is an amazing asset to the Carrick Community
  • Washburn, Dr Alan - distinguished engineer and professor, youngest child of educators Dr Merle and Lois Washburn, (John/Jack and Carolyn were siblings, all 3 were graduates of Carrick HS). The family resided on Almont Street.
  • Wilson, James James Wilson – First Carrick Borough Post Master
  • Wilson, John - John Wilson - Wilson's Farm – was one of the original settlers of this area. A revolutionary war soldier who was granted land for service in the Revolutionary war and operated a farm from current Biscayne to Parkfield to Route 51. Overbrook Boulevard was once called Wilson’s Alley.
  • Wine, Michelle - one of the first recipients of a liver transplant with donations from the community.
  • Wright, Margaret Persosky - Young Carrick mother died on Easter Day 1930 after being beaten and molested on the shores of the Allegheny River. Murder never found.


  • Concord Elementary School – current location is the fifth location. Originally built on the back of Concord Church as one room and became known as Concord. Second location at Brownsville Road and Agnew Avenue, Third location on Agnew Avenue and Dowling. Forth location on Carrick Avenue. Fifth and final location on Brownsville Road and Biscayne Avenue.
    • Concord Chronicles - Concord Chronicles is a newsletter for parents and students of Concord Elementary School.
  • First school in Carrick – name unknown but reference is made to a school in a house at Brownsville Road and Wynoka Street.
  • St. Basil’s School and Church – Originally located on Cherryhill Street at the site of Roosevelt School. Church was built at the current location in 1907.
  • Union High School - The Borough of Knoxville was the location of this high school. It was attended by the Borough of Carrick residents before Carrick High School was built.


  • Bowling - Can you identify the places and the people in these photos?
  • Sports Teams - Amateur and Church affiliated teams in Carrick


  • Carrick Streetcar Ordinance - "If a streetcar picked up a fireman on the way to a fire, streetcar was not allowed to stop except to pick up another fireman."
  • Phillips Park Traction Park - Current Phillips Park becomes a "traction park." Previously known as Dilly's Grove and Carrick Park. Purchased as a Community Park. Dedicated at a great 4th of July celebration in 1914.
  • Trolleys in Carrick - This page contains photos and articles about trolleys in Carrick and adjoining neighborhoods
  • Trolley 59 Carrick - Double ended trolley operated in the 1920's during rush hour and turned around on a short track spur at the corner of Brownsville Road and Crailo Street.
  • Trolley Barns - Carrick Shopping Center where the current Foodland is located was a brick trolley barn, demolished in the 1950's and the end of the line at one time.

Who are you

  • Who are you - A collection of photos with no description and need an explanation.


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